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As a proud member of the Texas veterinary community, Lone Star Veterinary Academy serves animals as well as humans. We donate part of every registration fee to animal rescues, non-profit veterinary centers, emergency relief efforts, and similar animal welfare needs. Through LSVA, your CE dollars work harder by supporting animals in need in your community.

If you’d like to recommend a non-profit organization for our consideration, please contact us.

Elroy before after maizies mission

Mazie’s Mission

Mazie’s Mission is a full service non-profit hospital in Carrolton, TX devoted entirely to exceptional care of homeless pets. Maizie’s skilled staff help save the lives of countless pets across Texas by providing care for sick, injured, and heartworm positive strays when financial limitations might otherwise force euthanasia to be considered.

Your participation in LSVA has helped rescues like Rufus, who was found starving to death, and Elroy who’s terrible skin problems might have prevented him from ever finding a home, if not for Maizie’s Mission!

Learn more about Maizie’s Mission or donate at: www.maiziesmission.org

Follow Maizie’s Mission on Facebook: @maziesmission



DaisyCares is a non-profit organization founded in Bexar County, TX. Since 2009, they have provided pet food and emergency veterinary care grants to families with financial need, and have worked to educate the public about animal care and welfare. 95% of all funds donated to DaisyCares go directly back to the communities they serve. During the time of COVID-19, DaisyCares has gone above and beyond to support pets and pet owners impacted by the ongoing crisis.

Lone Star Veterinary Academy is proud to support DaisyCares! A portion of every April 2020 Webinar registration was donated to help pets like Daisy and Rusty receive food and veterinary care during COVID-19.

“Thank you to DaisyCares! If it wasn’t for them really I wouldn’t have had enough money to treat my baby Daisy. What these people do is just wonderful! Thank you for helping us when we needed it the most!” -Dana K.

“Thank you DaisyCares for the dog food!!! -Rusty. Rusty was living his best life with his owners in rural Texas. Rusty’s parents visit the only pantry nearby, Centro Esperanza, as they have fallen short on finances. His owner wanted to share this picture of Rusty to say “Thank You” to everyone who has donated to help nourish senior pups like him. There’s no place Rusty would rather be during the COVID-19 pandemic than with his loving family.

To learn more about DaisyCares or to donate, visit https://daisycares.com/

Follow DaisyCares on facebook: @daisycares

Bodine and Scott, cats rescued
Black cat nose treatment progression

The Cattery Cat Shelter

The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, TX offers an alternative to traditional animal shelters in providing a no-kill, cage-free haven for homeless, abused, or abandoned cats.  The Cattery Cat Shelter then seeks permanent, loving homes for these animals.  In addition, the Cattery Cat Shelter promotes public awareness regarding the value of animals and their welfare, the dangers of pet overpopulation, and the benefit of quality human-animal companionship.

Your participation in LSVA has helped rescues like Bodine and Scott who were found in a vacant house in a tiny space in the very back of an air conditioning closet as tiny kittens by the realtor that heard them crying. The Cattery Cat Shelter were able to get them out after several attempts. Unfortunately they were sickly and had ringworm. They’re now healthy and happy and love each other so much!

Victoria was a stray that came to The Cattery Cat Shelter to be spayed. The clinic staff asked if we could keep her so we could treat her nose and the person that brought her said yes. The Cattery Cat Shelter Vet determined that she had a fungal infection. The pictures of her progress are from when we got her in August, at the end of September, and today! The Cattery Cat Shelter couldn’t treat Victoria without supporters!

Learn more about The Cattery Cat Shelter or donate at: http://www.thecatterycc.org/