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Speak Up and Get Organized: A Vet Professional’s Guide to Easier Communication and Work-Life Balance


Speak Up and Get Organized: A Vet Professional’s Guide to Easier Communication and Work-Life Balance │ Amanda Inman, CVPM  │ WEBINAR

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Sunday, June 12, 2022 | 9 am – 12:45 pm CDT

Amanda Inman, CVPM │ WEBINAR
3 hours CE

All Veterinary Team Members Welcome

Assertive and Organized – A Powerful Combination!

In this two part, three hour webinar, we’ll cover two topics to make your workdays easier!  First, we’ll share tools to help you feel comfortable and confident in any conversation – with your boss, your co-workers, and your clients. Want a raise? More time off? A change in protocol? We’ll help you gain the confidence to ask for it! Then, our award-winning speaker will share her favorite methods and tools for getting organized – say goodbye to scrap paper.

Invest a few hours in yourself by signing up for this CE, and gain skills that will benefit you forever!

Part One:

We’ve learned to capture any given moment of our lives in as few characters as possible, a perfectly edited picture, or an emoji string. Our reliance on social media, texts, and email often leads to stunted, one-way discussions. It’s easy to “like” someone’s passing thought, or to avoid real conflict by just commenting below a post.

Yet how many of us are comfortable speaking up at work? Does the thought of a direct one-on-one conversation terrify you? In a field of introverts and heavy reliance on indirect communication, even uttering a compliment face-to-face can be difficult.

Deskplate "What would Beyonce do?"

Part Two:
Interruptions, miscommunications, staffing changes, limited time to concentrate, wearing multiple hats – these are all barriers to keeping all the duties and details of our day straight. So to help yourself, you grab a piece of scrap paper and scribble some notes on it (sound familiar?). And if you’re lucky, you won’t lose the note before you get around to doing the work!

Part two of this CE will show you that there are so many other options out there to stay organized! Through trial, error, and persistence, our speaker has identified her favorite methods for getting and staying organized – and she’ll share them with us this June.

About Amanda

LSVA is thrilled to welcome Practice Manager of the Year 2018, Amanda Inman

Amanda Inman has been in the veterinary industry for the past 14 years. She started as a receptionist and worked through leadership positions until she ultimately became a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager. She was awarded PetPlan’s North American Practice Manager of the Year in 2018 and was a top 10 finalist in 2017 for VHMA/dvm360’s manager of the year awards. She values “paying it forward” and has mentored a receptionist and veterinary technician who also became finalists in national awards. Amanda has been a guest lecturer to students in Purdue’s veterinary nursing program and presented at Purdue’s fall veterinary conferences. She enjoys RVing with her husband (which is crazy because she hates tent camping) and is addicted to digital pinball.

Amanda Inman, CVPM


  • Three hours CE*
  • Complete digital course notes delivered by email
  • The flexibility to learn from anywhere! We’ll meet online on Zoom.
  • Access to recorded sessions for 90 days following the workshop**

*This program has been submitted but is not yet approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 3 CE Credits, with a maximum of 3 CE Credits being available to any individual veterinarian or veterinary technician. This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: non-medical program, using the delivery method of interactive-distance. This approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board’s CE requirements.

**Please note that this program will be RACE Approved for LIVE viewing only. Attendees must log on during a live session to receive a CE Certificate, but can utilize recordings to catch up and re-watch sessions.

Time & Location

Location: Anywhere!
Find a cozy spot with reliable internet and join us online for this live and interactive learning event!
Date:  June 12, 2022
Time: 9 am to 12:45 pm CDT

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Top notch, fantastic. I was really dreading this because I dislike CE environments but really enjoyed.

I learned SO much about myself and feel empowered to make real changes in my life.

I felt it was very well organized and I felt taken care of. Julie was an excellent speaker and I enjoyed the content very much.

I couldn’t imagine the program running any smoother.

More dates! More events! Love these and I will be back! THANK YOU!

Excellent conference!!! Much more intimate than the large conferences.

I love that we wrote and expressed rather than just taking in material. This was interactive for real.

It was such a well thought out conference. Well done.

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